To identify the most suitable solution to our clients' interests, through a constant work, under the standards of excellence and celerity, so that every process is as comfortable as possible.


Ethics - Quality - Commitment - Loyalty - Dedication.


Practice the profession with the highest precepts of responsibility, dedication and commitment to the normative, in order to ensure by this way, that the course of action procured, is in accordance with the legitimacy of the results pursued.

About our services

With expertise in each of these areas

Civil and Civil Litigation

- Drafting of agreements and contracts in general. - Transfer of Vehicles and Boats.

Real Estate / Registry

- Litigation on registered property rights. - Requesting and acquiring of all types of


- Incorporation, Modification, Reorganization, Dissolution and Cessation of Operations of

Family / (under age children)

- Determination of Inheritance. - Amicable or Judicial Partition. - Lawsuits in Acknowledgment

Tax Procedures

- Management of exemption certifications before the General Directorate of Internal Taxes.


-American Visa -Dominican Residency (in any of its modalities)


Our team of experts

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